Hive 1

Hive 1

The rapid and sustained development of Hewlett-Packard's european business was the justification for constructing a building with an area of approximately 10,000 SQ M at Meyrin-Satigny in 1968.

The design prepared by Geneva architects Janez Hacin and Jean-Jacques Oberson followed the general idea of buildings constructed by Hewlett-Packard: metal structure, simple and flexible design, all in a green setting.

9,000 SQ M

Distributed over 3 floors



parking places

1968 contruction by Hewlett Packard
2018 Renovation of the building
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Since the architecture was intended to follow the company's philosophy of comfort, communication and efficiency, it was therefore decided to resort to workplaces in green areas allowing for a maximum of flexibility and good conditions for communication among employees.

The design of a central empty space open to a height of 15 meters structures the spaces of the three floors. Topped by a glass skylight providing considerable light, it creates a vital space inside the building.

The facades are fully enclosed, with a corridor system designed to provide effective protection against the sun while maintaining a maximum of light.

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The architects TJCA have been appointed to examine renovation possibilities for the building.



different plant varieties

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